The Searzall


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The Searzall is an attachment secured to the top of a blowtorch to create the perfect searing temperature without the off-putting aromas that typically result when cooking with blowtorches.

By forcing the thin flame of the blowtorch through two layers of fine, high-temperature-resistant wire mesh, it produces a consistent, evenly spread flame that provides a professional quality finish to meats and other food items.

The Searzall's back screen is coated in palladium which provides even more temperature and oxidation resistance.

The Searzall includes: one (1) Searzall , one (1) aluminum
sleeve adapter, typically pre-attached to the rear of your
Searzall, one (1) 2-mm allen key, one (1) pre-attached
thumbscrew, one (1) Searzall spacing stick, and one
allen screw pre-attached to the sleeve adapter.

Searzall is compatible with the Bernzomatic TS8000 torch head, and 16.4 ounce propane tank.



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