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The Spinzall 

When you subject a liquid or puree tothousands of times the force of gravity, amazing things happen. The densest components -- solid particles -- separate and sink, forming a puck. The least dense components -- typically oils -- float on the surface. Anything in between turns to a beautifully clarified liquid.

For several years, restaurants and bars like Booker and Dax have been using laboratory centrifuges to meld fruits with spirits, make flavored oils, clarify juices, separate fats, and perform other culinary feats.

Now Dave Arnold's Booker and Dax  Equipment Company, creators of the Searzall, is introducing the Spinzall, the first centrifuge designed from the ground up for culinary use. Its revolutionary approach makes centrifuging an easy part of kitchen workflow in bars, restaurants, and homes.

Why The Spinzall is the Centrifuge You're Looking For

The laboratory centrifuge you will find in a cutting-edge bar or restaurant today is a loud, 200 pound $8,000 beast that’s the size of an air conditioner, and requires delicate internal balancing each and every time you use it. And until now, your only smaller alternative was a mini-centrifuge that costs a few hundred dollars but has a minuscule yield of 100 milliliters under the best circumstances - in almost all cases, more trouble than it’s worth.

The Spinzall is designed to solve these problems, to be the centrifuge for every kitchen. It's under 20 pounds and portable, with a compact design that fits neatly in an airplane's overhead compartment. It runs quietly, with just a low hum. It can process a full 500 ml in a single batch, and if you use the included liquid pump you can process many liters of product without stopping.

Doing away with the array of collecting buckets or tubes found in most centrifuges, the Spinzall holds its full capacity in a single easily cleaned rotary chamber; any fluid you put in the Spinzall -- even a thick puree -- balances itself perfectly as it spins, so there's no need to carefully weigh containers or worry about imbalances.


- all parts except the motor base are dishwasher-safe

- works worldwide, on any power supply (with a transformer, purchased separately)

- spins at up to 4100 RPM, with a maximum force of almost 2,000 G

- because there's no air friction from tubes or buckets, the Spinzall doesn't heat up when it runs, like most centrifuges do, and thus doesn't require cooling

- because of its patent-pending rotor design, the Spinzall processes as fast, and often much faster, than the large centrifuges we designed it to replace.  Most products only require between five and fifteen minutes of spinning time.

- includes a pump that allows you to run it continuously, processing one liter every twenty minutes

- Did we say quiet? It's very quiet.

What You Can Do with the Spinzall

Clarify juices

Ever try to carbonate a drink containing lime juice? If so, you've dealt with a frothy mess, unless you started by clarifying all the cloudy micro-particles out of the juice. With a little help from some enzymes, the Spinzall can spin any juice into perfect clarity in a few minutes -- lime, orange, tomato, pineapple -- the options are vast. 

Meld liquors and fruits

Simply blend the spirit and fruit of your choice thoroughly together in a high-speed blender with a small amount of enzyme (available at modernistpantry.com), then spin the mixture in the Spinzall. The flavor-saturated spirit will come out crystal-clear, leaving behind the solid pulp, which you can use for another purpose or discard.

Dave's favorite applications include: Bananas and rum; dates with bourbon.

Make herb oils

The Spinzall makes the freshest-tasting herb oils you've ever tasted -- and, because they're centrifugally separated, they're purer and hence maintain their fresh taste much longer than oils made with other techniques. Puree fresh herbs with the oil of your choice, then Spinzall the mixture. In minutes, you have a brilliant green oil ready to use.

Concentrate purees

Spin some pureed sweet potatoes with amylase enzymes (available at modernistpantry.com) in the Spinzall and the liquid separates out, leaving behind an intense, super-sweet, super-smooth concentrate. If you use this as baby food, your baby will be spoiled for life. Kalamata olive puree separates into three phases: a glossy, rich tapenade; a clean purple brine; and clear olive oil with the heady tang of cured kalamatas.

Isolate pea fat

Some delicacies you can ONLY make with a centrifuge at your disposal. One of these is "pea butter," as seen in the Modernist Cuisine cookbook. The ordinary green pea is about 3 percent fat, and by whirling pea puree in the Spinzall you can get your hands on this delicious garden-fresh fat in its pure form. The puree splits into liquid, starch, and a layer of pure pea butter, which can be easily scooped and spread on unforgettably luxurious toast.

Make no-churn butter

Cream in the Spinzall rapidly separates out into a liquid and a thick layer of fresh, uniquely smooth butter. You can use this technique with a variety of cultured or flavored creams to achieve novel effects, or spin rich nut milks to create nut cream and nut butters.

Make nut oils

Make nut milks

Make fast Greek yogurt (video recipe below)

How It Works

The Spinzall consists of a single 500ml, open-bucket, stainless-steel and Tritan resin rotor housed inside a Tritan resin housing. Tritan is an impact-resistant, BPA-free plastic used in high end blender pitchers.  Inside the rotor are three removable fins that help the rotor maintain balance when spinning, but are easily removed for cleaning and for harvesting products out of the rotor. The housing contains an interlock mechanism, so the lid of the Spinzall cannot be opened while the rotor is spinning. The rotor, fins, housing, and lid are all dishwasher safe.

The Spinzall uses a long-life, quiet running, AC induction motor that does not require maintenance or brush changes. The speed of the rotor gently oscillates between 4100 and 3650 rpm. This oscillation helps to distribute solids evenly around the rotor.

The Spinzall motor base contains a variable speed liquid pump that can be used to pump liquid continuously into the rotor while it is spinning --thus allowing you to spin more than 500ml of product without stopping the Spinzall.

To operate the Spinzall in Batch Mode, pour or scoop the product to be spun inside the 500ml-capacity rotor vessel, place the rotor inside the container, lock the lid in place, and turn motor timer to the desired number of minutes. 5 or 15 minutes is enough for most applications. After the rotor comes to a stop, just remove the lid, lift out the rotor vessel, and help yourself to the separated product within. Usually you'll pour off the liquid layer, then use a soft spatula to scoop out the compacted solid layer.

For large quantities of liquid, or certain specialized applications, the Spinzall can also run in Continuous Mode. This mode uses the Spinzall's built-in pump. With the container, rotor, lid, and feeder assembly in place, turn on the motor, then insert the flexible uptake tube into any convenient container that holds the product you want to spin. The pump will automatically draw the product into the top of the spinning Spinzall. As the rotor fills up, the clarified layer will start to run out of the rotor into a waiting container, while the solid layer remains behind. Using this method with a continuous flow of product allows you to process much more than the 500ml you can handle in Batch Mode. 

Typically, the clearest results are obtained with Batch Mode.


1. Milk-Washed Spirits

2. Perfectly clear tomato water from pureed whole tomatoes

3. Grapefruit juice (6 liters in continuous mode)

4. Tomato water made from store-bought juice

5. Quick thick Greek-style yogurt or yogurt cheese

6. Quick, no-filter cold-brew in 45 minutes!

7. Delicate no-churn butter

8. Separating hard and soft chicken fat in a chilled Spinzall

9. ♫ Five clear gin slings ♫

10. Super-clear spice oil

11. Infuse flavored oil into fruit!


UL and CE certification assures you that the Spinzall meets mechanical and electrical safety requirements. We are also performing additional, non-mandatory safety tests on the rotor and housing design to ensure that the Spinzall is as safe as possible.